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Jeff and Jan exhibition

Jeff and Jan exhibition

Painters Jeff Barringer and Jan de Beer come together in the upcoming exhibition in the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre from Oct. 18 to Nov. 12.

Working in a traditional abstract style, Jeff Barringer presents acrylic and/or mixed-media paintings on canvas or panels in his exhibition “Conscience”. The collection explores “the connections between conscious thought and the subconscious”.  Barringer believes that abstract art is, by definition more about what the artist is feeling than what they are trying to say, the latter is up to the viewer to interpret.

Jan de Beer’s exhibition “Tides” is a series of paintings created with recycled paints and materials. Jan de Beer likes to think of his work as “being created within the tradition of surrealist automatism and that the recycled materials challenges the notion of art objects being precious.”

The opening reception will be held Saturday, October 21 from 2-4pm. The following Saturday, October 28 at 1pm both artists will be on hand for our “Meet the Artist” series.

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