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Join the virtual Constituency Office Open House

While we are all happy to turn the calendar from 2020 to 2021, the past year has provided an opportunity for leaders of our community to step forth more than ever before.
The Sunshine Coast has an abundance of these leaders, people who make incredible contributions to enrich their community. We recently had the opportunity to meet some of these individuals at our virtual Constituency Office Open House. Our inaugural Unsung Champions Awards was held to recognize and celebrate outstanding volunteers who make our communities kinder, stronger and a better place for all of us.
Meet our first recipient Penny Lyle, a member of the Sechelt Garden Club. Penny works tirelessly with her team to help local businesses beautify their courtyards, storefront and public patios with planters and flowers, including the ongoing maintenance of these flowers and flowerbeds throughout the year. Take a walk down the streets in Sechelt, and you are bound to see Penny’s passion in bloom.
Graham Walker brings a welcome optimism, joy and energy to his community. He has volunteered countless hours over the past year as the music coordinator, sound technician and emcee for Slow Sundays in the Creek. This multi-generational event brings joy and energy to the community through music and games – you may even see Graham strike up a tune.
Irene Davy and the late Clint Davy have spent countless hours treating and helping many thousands of sick or injured birds and animals through the Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre while returning a large percentage of them back to the wild. Irene and her team of volunteers work seven days a week, in all weather, to make a huge difference to the wildlife of the Sunshine Coast. Irene and her team have given many of our beloved wildlife a second chance.
The Sunshine Coast Farmers Institute is a community of members who support small-scale, ethical and sustainable farming on the Sunshine Coast. Through their significant and ongoing efforts, they provide bulk buying and educational opportunities that help local farmers become more successful and resilient. The passion and skills of this group has been a tremendous support to small-scale farmers all along the Coast.
These Unsung Champions step up to serve our communities, doing work that often goes unnoticed and without any expectation of being recognized. That is why we are so thrilled to highlight their contributions. It is heartwarming to know what a difference you make to your community.
Your comments and feedback are welcome: 6367 Bruce Street, West Vancouver, V7W2T5, 604-913-2660,

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