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Kenyan runner wins April Fools race

P 1 Fools run pic 1The sunshine came out for the BMO April Fool’s Run on April 2. Here the runners head up Park Rd. in Gibsons shortly after the start. The 40th running of the 21-kilometre half marathon attracted a record 651 runners, walkers and relay team members. The first to reach the finish, at Mission Point Park at Davis Bay, was Kenyan runner Paul Kimugul at 1 hour, 10 minutes and 3 seconds. Coming second, at 1:11:08, was Shaun Stephens-Whale, of Roberts Creek, who was the top  male finisher from the Sunshine Coast. The first woman runner, Jane Murage, also from Kenya, finished at 1:19:18. The top female runner from the Coast was Katherine McGillivray, of Roberts Creek, at 1:35:16.  Registration is now open for the 2018 running, next April 8.   Donna McMahon photo

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