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Langdale exempt from car deck rules

Langdale exempt from car deck rules

BC Ferries customers travelling on the Horseshoe Bay–Langdale route may remain in their vehicles on the main (lower) car decks.
As of Sept. 30, Transport Canada is ending the temporary flexibility it granted ferry operators that allowed passengers to remain in their vehicle on enclosed vehicle decks in response to COVID-19. Route 3, from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay, is the only exception.
“We were disappointed with the announcement from Transport Canada,” said BC Premier John Horgan. “This is not something we sought. This is something that is being imposed, returning to a previous situation that we also felt was a bit heavy-handed for the inland waters that our ferries travel in.”
The vessels on the Horseshoe Bay–Langdale route operate in ‘sheltered’ waters as defined by Transport Canada. BC Ferries received approval from Transport Canada to operate the ships on that route with the stern doors open, which makes the deck an ‘open’ vehicle deck. The company added a new steel barrier gate across the opening to ensure safety and meet the requirements of an ‘open’ main car deck.
There may be situations where the ships operate with the stern doors closed, in which case customers on the main car deck will be required to leave their vehicle.
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