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Letter: George should pay

Letter: George should pay

(Addressed to Gibsons council and copied to the Local)

We are writing this letter to express our concerns over the Winegarden Park Draft Master Plan that was released for public input Nov. 30.

Firstly, this plan is designed so that the George can integrate with the park and, therefore, the total costs should be borne by the developer. The supposed benefits of this project in the form of taxes is still years away but we are incurring these expenses now and we cannot afford them as our town is broke. Who is paying for the major costs of this new park?

Secondly, this Master Plan is necessitated because of the construction of the George and the dismantling of our park to facilitate this project.  The plan will be built in stages as the town can afford it, which probably means, the walkway to the hotel and repairing the landscaping is all the 100,000 dollars will cover. The band shell will be removed and may not be replaced for years. How do we manage without our band shell in Gibsons Landing?

Thirdly, this plan was compiled by a volunteer committee using data from an earlier survey, working with the…same architect employed by the George Hotel and Residences. In reality, she is designing the side yard for the hotel with our money.

Lastly, we would like to see a full cost analysis for this whole plan, which should be done anyway for council. Given the measly amount of 100,000 dollars from the developer to work with we feel this committee has been chasing a red herring and wasting their time. We feel that the town needs a more realistic plan and budget so that the taxpayers know what this park renovation is going to really cost and how it is really going to look when done in stages.

Michael Bonkoff,

Gibsons Waterfront Defence Assn.

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