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Live/work project proposed for upper Gibsons

Live/work project proposed for upper Gibsons

A new proposal for Lot 13 on Venture Way in Gibsons was scheduled to go before the town’s committee of the whole on April 3.

Shazach Holdings Inc., which owns both Lot 13 (currently empty) and Lot 37 (occupied by the Gibsons Recycling Depot) is proposing a mix of commercial, light industrial and housing for Lot 13. The site borders industrial properties to the east, and a church and condominiums to the west, and has split zoning – light industry on the west portion and residential on the east.

The Shazach project proposes the construction of two buildings. The east building would have light industrial/commercial space on the ground floor, and three live-work units above. The east building would be four storeys over underground parking, with industrial/commercial space on the ground floor, and 39 rental apartments (1, 2 and 3-bedroom units) on the three floors above.

An Official Community Plan amendment would be required to create live/work zoning for the property. Town staff have drafted a proposed bylaw amendment to support the application. It includes prohibiting some uses of the industrial property that would be incompatible with residential neighbours, and a noise covenant to limit the levels and hours of noise.

The bylaw also would require the developer to maintain the apartments permanently as rental housing, and to create pedestrian connectivity through the site between Venture Way, Park Road, and the Parkland subdivision.

Town staff recommended that the bylaw go to first reading, and that a public information meeting be scheduled to inform residents of the proposal.

A previous proposal for the Venture Way lot was made in 2017 by neighbouring Calvary Baptist Church for 60 to 100 units of affordable housing for seniors. That proposal was turned down by the Town because it did not preserve any of the land for commercial and industrial use to support economic

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