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A gorgeously sunny Canada Day Parade

P 1 Canada Day CowgirlsThe Coastal Cowgirls and their horses carry Canadian flags through downtown Sechelt in the Canada Day parade. It was one of the largest parades in memory, with hundreds of individuals and more than 50 floats and groups. It took about 70 minutes to pass a given point. It being Canada Day, the Coastal Cowgirls, a local drill team, wore red and white, and their horses had red on their front legs. (Depending on the parade, the group and their horses are sometimes in blue.)  Donna McMahon photo



P 7 canada day rik pic 2 attianaThe Local showed off its pedal power  with publisher Susan Attiana and her husband Zora riding decorated bicycles and throwing hacky sacks to the kids.  Photo submitted





P 7 canada day pic 2Meanwhile, a pair of super heroes marched to promote the Halfmoon Bay country fair this upcoming weekend. The fair has prizes for the best super hero costumes. It features a kid’s fishing derby July 8, and a full day of activities on July 9 at Coopers Green Park. Donna McMahon photo

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