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Local food is the focus

Local food is the focus

Chef Paul Haldane and Tony Browton, co-owners of The Nova Kitchen in Gibsons,  both believe that “local” is more than a buzzword or a marketing term. Haldane says one of the main reasons he updates the menu regularly is because of his commitment to locality, seasonality, and sustainability.
“Ingredients taste better come the time of year when they’re around. Tomatoes are great in August and we’ll feature mushrooms heavily in the fall. And all summer long we’ll have fresh ingredients from all along the Coast,” said Haldane.
The Nova Kitchen relies on Round Table Farm in Langdale and Red Wagon Farm in Roberts Creek for fresh, seasonal produce but Haldane says he’s happy to meet other area farmers as well.
“If you’re a local farmer on the Sunshine Coast, I want to hear from you,” he says. “I’m always on the lookout for new suppliers and I’m more than happy to buy from you this summer.”
Haldane admits that it isn’t always feasible to source every ingredient on the Sunshine Coast but goes out of his way to find the next closest option.
“Most of our proteins are from the Fraser Valley,” Haldane said. “We use Two Rivers Meats from North Vancouver. Our beef comes from Pemberton and Cache Creek. Johnstone’s and Yarrow Meadows Farm are from Chilliwack. All our tuna is albacore because that’s what swims out there,” he says nodding toward the Pacific Ocean. “Our halibut, ling cod, and sablefish are local, too.”
Co-owner Browton explains that The Nova Kitchen’s local philosophy extends beyond the kitchen. He said that they do their best to keep their money on the Sunshine Coast.
“Our web and graphic designer is from the Coast. So is the company that made our sign. We had some help from a marketing consultant and a videographer from right here in Gibsons,” said Browton.

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