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Many thanks from the Grandmothers

Many thanks from the Grandmothers

(Re: “Charity chairs,” front page, the local, Dec. 3)
Just a note to say thanks for the great coverage of our recent Children’s Chair Auction.
We were able to raise slightly more than our goal of $35,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
The money will go to the Grandmothers Campaign to support African Grandmothers who are so resilient in finding ways to support themselves and their orphaned grandchildren.
The online auction was a new experience for us, and we are quite delighted with the results.
Many thanks for your timely front page colourful show of our chairs. The 16 artists were so generous!
I actually asked the folks who came into the art gallery to pick up their chairs, and many referenced the Local.
Thank you to you and your readers for the support, and a Happy New Year to all.
Betty Masson,
Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign

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