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Meeting the neighbours

Meeting the neighbours

Thanks to support from the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation and the Sunshine Coast Regional District, a small group of local citizens has launched a pilot project to build community resilience and strengthen neighbourhood connections right where people live.

The Rural Resilient Neighbourhoods project will award small grants of up to $500 to three or four neighbourhoods in Roberts Creek to help them host a gathering or community activity that can include enjoying shared meals, arts & cultural activities, “placemaking” projects, or community discussions to identify local needs and resources. The goal is to help build community resiliency by taking the first step of connecting neighbours together. Research shows that when communities have strong connections, they are healthier, happier, and have greater capacity to deal with change and challenge.

In a Resilient Neighbourhood, people who live close to each other often enjoy social events together, share tools and skills, help each other during emergencies, and work together to solve neighbourhood issues or collaborate on projects.

Examples of activities that the small grants could support include: Block Parties “With a Purpose”  (eg: emergency preparedness, or organizing to protect a local green space), neighbourhood art projects like street murals or yarn-bombings, creating a community share-shed or bulletin board, or getting together to share the garden harvest and have a seed exchange. There are many great ideas out there for fun and meaningful ways to connect with your neighbours, build relationships and increase community resilience.

Visit, or contact coordinator Naomi Fleschhut at: Small grant applications will be accepted until Monday, August 14 at 5pm.


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