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Mental Health week at the Sechelt Library

Mental Health week at the Sechelt Library

Darkness. Confusion. Helplessness. Self-loathing. Just a few words that describe what it feels like to have a mental illness.

Join us, at the Sechelt Library, during Mental Health Week, May 1-7 and learn more about mental health, resources in our community, and tools to help yourself or loved ones, cope.

Mental Health Week at the Sechelt Library will launch with mental health advocate and presenter, Victoria Maxwell. She will present her DVD “That’s Just Crazy Talk”, along with a question & answer session, on Monday, May 1 at 7pm. At the age of 25, Victoria was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis. For five years she refused to accept this and, in turn, was in and out of hospital. Finally after acknowledging her disorders, with the help of her family and a good psychiatrist, she became proactive in her recovery. Since that time, she has become one of North America’s most popular speakers and educators on the “lived” experience of mental illness, recovery and dismantling stigma.

May 2 at 11am Violette Clark will share her story with an art journaling workshop. At 1:30pm Micheal D. Mann will recite some of his works. Micheal’s external support worker, Richard Borthwick Austin will participate with reading works of Gerard Manley Hopkins, who suffered mental illness throughout his life.  Mental health advocate Hugh Macaulay will join the two in the discussion of mental illness and mental health.

May 4, at 10:30am, the Vancouver Coastal Health mental health team will present a workshop and talk.  At 7pm Patricia Hetherington will read from her upcoming book. Joining her is Weegee Sachtjen.

All talks and workshops are free. Please call 604 885 3260 or visit to register.


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