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Milne: A vision guides the SCRD

Milne: A vision guides the SCRD

We are “a community for all generations connected by our unique coastal culture, diverse economy and treasured natural environment”. This vision guides the SCRD and provides the foundation for the SCRD Board when making decisions which will strengthen the Coast in  2018.

The SCRD Board is made up of nine directors, one from each Electoral Area and those appointed by the member municipalities. Electoral Area Directors are elected for a four-year term; and Municipal Directors from the Town of Gibsons, the District of Sechelt, and Sechelt Indian Government District, are appointed by their councils.

Our Board is a collective decision-making body that acts through resolutions and bylaws. Before a resolution is endorsed, or a bylaw adopted, voting must occur. In municipalities, voting is a relatively straightforward matter – every member of council votes on every issue, and every member receives one vote. In regional districts, voting is not always so simple.

The general rule for voting on regional board issues is “one director, one vote”. However, there are circumstances where a “weighted vote” is employed. The weighted vote allows directors to have up to five votes and it is based on the population of the municipality or electoral area, and the voting unit established for the regional district. The District of Sechelt, for example, has two Directors because its population crossed the 10,000 threshold in the 2016 census.

In future issues of the Local, each Board member will have the opportunity to contribute to this column and talk about their electoral area or municipality and the ways in which the SCRD extends government services to all parts of the Sunshine Coast.

In addition to being guided by a vision, the SCRD Board is also committed to a core set of values. These values are essential to defining an organization and how it presents itself to its community. Values demonstrate what the organization believes in and how it pledges to conduct itself. It is a kind of contract between an organization and its community, staff and partners regarding how they will be treated. As guiding principles, the SCRD values collaboration, equity, environmental leadership, respect and equality, and transparency when establishing policy and representing the organization.

The SCRD is committed to an open responsive communication with residents and businesses and encourages all citizens to participate in the public process by getting involved and offering feedback on community matters.

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