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Misguided seniors plan

Misguided seniors plan

Introducing the profit motive into seniors care absent clear, civilized, and moral direction is guaranteed to result in more incidents of neglect and increased suffering for many seniors. Even the best set of rules and regulations, when based in budget considerations as the primary determinant, will only help us measure the failures of – and despair generated by – a resulting misguided system.

Government bureaucracies can be both effective and efficient – when pointed in the right direction…The citizens are properly the people to establish that direction through our elected representatives.  For our elected representatives to leave a vacuum where leadership is needed naturally results in bureaucrats and administrators filling the void, but their perspective is limited by their remit. When administrators and accountants start leading the way, both government and its institutions quickly become very efficient at delivering misguided, ineffective services in ways that make things worse for a lot of tax-paying citizens.

It’s time to take the time to do this better.

Daryl Stennett, 


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