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New transit buses arriving

New transit buses arriving

The six new Grande West Vicinity buses that will be in service by the end of summer have begun arriving on the Coast.

The new buses are made by Grande West Transportation International Ltd., based in Aldergrove.

The 30-foot medium duty buses will help better meet the transit needs of the communities they serve as they have better performance, are more environmentally friendly and reduced fuel consumption.

“With its fuel efficiency, lighter weight and improved manoeuvrability, the Vicinity is a great addition particularly for our routes in Lower Gibsons and Roberts Creek,” said Gordon Dykstra, manager of transit and fleet for the Sunshine Coast Regional District.

Each Vicinity bus can seat 24 passengers with room for another 20 standees. There is also space for two mobility aids.

Medium-duty buses burn less fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 30 per cent, when compared to a standard heavy-duty (40-foot) bus.

Each bus will cost $319,807, and is funded by the Province of BC and through BC Transit’s local government lease fee program.

The new bus will also be part of the Sea Cavalcade parade in Gibsons on July 29.


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