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Not suitable

Not suitable

Within two blocks of the homeless shelter being proposed by BC Housing and Rain City Housing, there are five strata developments of townhouses, two apartment buildings, the Sechelt Heritage Marsh (very well frequented by local residents), the Seniors Activity Centre, a bicycle park and some detached family homes. This neighborhood consists principally of senior citizens, many widowed and/or with mobility issues but still determined to live independently and avoid becoming a charge upon society.  Another important group of residents consists of first-home buyers, typically with young children.  This neighborhood therefore is most vulnerable and in great need of a sense of security and a clean environment.

Why choose to locate such a significant shelter for the homeless, some with serious chronic issues, in the midst of such a vulnerable neighborhood, on a site moreover presently zoned PO (park and open space)? Surely, a more suitable location could be found somewhere in the core of Sechelt, one with all the necessary amenities and social services close to hand.

Lise and Dick Aylmer, 


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