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Plastic bags to be banned in Sechelt curbside pickups

Plastic bags to be banned in Sechelt curbside pickups

The District of Sechelt is asking citizens to stop putting film plastics in the curbside recycling bins.

Film plastic is all plastic bags, and overwrap used to wrap foods. When these materials are mixed in with other recyclables it is difficult to separate them out for recycling. North American recycling brokers consider these materials to be contaminates in the recycling stream.

Paul Appelt, Engineering Technician stated, “Film plastic has always been an issue; however, when Sechelt started our curb side recycling program our collector had a method to sort the film plastic and a market for the separated material – this market is no longer available. The biggest recyclables customer in the world, China, now demands less contamination and better source separation of materials. Though somewhat of an inconvenience, this new film plastic recycling method ensures that the film plastic is recycled and not deposited in a land fill.”

Film plastic can still be recycled by taking it to the local recycling facility as long as it is sorted separately from hard plastics.  Submitted

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