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PODS headquarters opens

patti-soosCheck out the new PODS headquarters open now in Madeira Park right next to the Earth Fair Store.  Ruby Lake Lagoon Society directors and staff will be available at the headquarters to deliver information on the PODS project and to educate the community and public as to what the PODS are is and where the Lagoon Society is in terms of the project.  The Lagoon Society continues to receive financial commitments and are now within $295,000 of what they require to purchase the Irvines Landing property which will eventually house the PODS.  Visit the PODS headquarters and find out more about the momentum around this exciting project.


Leanne Ennis from the Ruby Lake Lagoon Society shows off one of the new signs warning fishers to avoid Rockfish Conservation Areas. Patti Soos photo

While you’re at the PODS headquarters, you can also find out about the new signs they have received and will be posting at all Sunshine Coast boat launches aimed at educating fisher-people of where the Rockfish Conservation Areas are located.  The Rockfish Conservation Areas were established about 20 years ago so that the public can learn about where these rockfish live.  Fisher-people need to leave these areas alone as Rockfish can live up to 100 years and once they have been caught, they cannot survive being put back in the water.   Visit the Ruby Lake Lagoon Society’s website at to gain more information about the society and to learn about these and more educational projects.  Shout out to Sunshine Coast Air who donated the transportation of the rockfish conservation signs.

• A correction to the Pender Harbour Town Hall Meeting, PHAC AGM and Volunteer Awards Ceremony.  The meeting will start at 1pm on Sunday Sept. 10 at the Pender Harbour Community Hall, not 2pm as previously reported.

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