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Police Report – May 18 to 23

Police Report – May 18 to 23

RCMP Police reportRCMP were called by a resident in Halfmoon Bay, after witnessing a black Ford pickup doing multiple burnouts on Stephens Way. The witness was able to provide specific details about the truck to police, who later located the suspect vehicle and issued the owner a violation ticket for driving without due care.
A blue 18-speed Supercycle bicycle was stolen from a back deck of a residence in the 800 block of North Road in Gibsons overnight on May 18-19. Anyone who had anything else stolen or tampered with in the area is asked to call Sunshine Coast RCMP.
Around 10:30 pm on May 22, an officer observed a vehicle speeding on Marine Drive in Gibsons. Upon stopping the vehicle, the officer noted a strong odour of liquor on the driver’s breath. The 55 year-old male driver from Gibsons failed two roadside screening devices, and received a 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition, as well as a 30-day vehicle impound.
During the evening of May 23, a witness called RCMP after seeing two vehicle driving dangerously through Madeira Park. The vehicles were reported to have crossed a double solid line and cut off other motorists, apparently while trying to get to the Langdale ferry. An officer located both vehicles at the Langdale ferry terminal. A 20 year-old male and a 17 year-old male – both from Coquitlam – were issued violation tickets.

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