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RCMP enforce BC Ferries safety protocols

RCMP enforce BC Ferries safety protocols

RCMP have been called in by BC Ferries and Transport Canada to help “educate” passengers on safety rules and enforce the Canada Shipping Act.
Starting last weekend, the BC RCMP West Coast Marine Services can now be found onboard some BC Ferries vessels conducting “ferry walkabouts,” enforcing the regulation that requires ferry passengers to exit their vehicles on enclosed vehicle decks and stay in designated passenger areas while the ferry is operating. This rule does not apply to open (including partially enclosed) vehicle decks where passengers can remain in their vehicles on ferries.
The RCMP, BC Ferries, and Transport Canada will be checking that passengers are following the safety regulations. If necessary, Transport Canada can issue an administrative monetary penalty to non-compliant passengers.
In a Nov. 6 news release, Chief Superintendent Dave Attfield stated, “We are committed to public safety and security and want to support the Provincial and Federal governments’ response to the pandemic in every capacity. Enforcement and education will be conducted in partnership with BC Ferries, to ensure that Transport Canada’s protocols around COVID-19 are met.”
Back in March, at the beginning of the pandemic, passengers were allowed to remain in their vehicles on enclosed vehicle decks, but Transport Canada reinstated the car deck rules on Sept. 30. Remaining in a vehicle on an enclosed vehicle deck while a ferry is operating is not deemed safe for passengers and has been banned internationally.
The Langdale-Horseshoe Bay route was exempted from these rules because the vessels on Route 3 operate in sheltered waters as defined by Transport Canada. BC Ferries received approval from Transport Canada to operate the ships on that route with the stern doors open, making the deck an ‘open’ vehicle deck. BC Ferries added a new steel barrier gate across the opening to ensure safety and meet the requirements of an ‘open’ main car deck.
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