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Regional district reaps awards

Regional district reaps awards

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SCRD director Ian Winn presents an award to Tina Perreault, the regional district’s chief financial officer. Donna McMahon photo

SCRD meetings on Oct. 26 featured awards and recognitions.

Area F Director Ian Winn, who chairs the corporate and administrative services committee, presented an award from the Union of BC Municipalities to Chief Financial Officer Tina Perreault.

“It is an award for best practices, excellence in financial stewardship and it’s an honourable mention,” said Winn. “It relates to our transparency and to our values in our strategic plan over engagement and sustainability, and specifically for the CFO and her department in presenting to the public at the community dialogues great information on our finances and our financial plan.”

Perreault was also singled out for recognition earlier in the meeting for her role in negotiating a reimbursement from the office of the fire commissioner for repairs to a Gibsons fire truck. This summer the truck and a crew were on a deployment to fight wildfires in the interior of BC when a pump failed.

Chief Administrative Officer Janette Loveys said that getting the reimbursement took a lot of time and effort, and noted that the existence of a well-documented preventive maintenance program for the vehicles was key. “Had we not had that in place, had we not been able to demonstrate that we were taking care of our equipment, they would not have reimbursed this,” said Loveys.

The office of the fire commissioner paid for staffing during the deployment, which contributed to a third-quarter budget surplus for the Gibsons and Halfmoon Bay fire departments. However, Perreault noted that the deployment was “very hard on equipment,” so the surplus will be put into reserves for future fire equipment repair or replacement.

A second award was announced at the SCRD regular board meeting. Gerry Parker, senior manager of human resources, announced that the SCRD won an award for its participation in the North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH).

Parker explained that in 2015 and 2016 the SCRD received honourable mentions for its NAOSH submissions, and in 2017 “a lot more staff got involved.” Both directors and staff participated in creating a video that was submitted to NAOSH. “The SCRD won the most innovative entry award, one of the top four awards in the province,” said Parker, thanking the CAO, board and staff for their assistance.  Donna McMahon

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