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Since hearing about the struggles that a friend of mine is enduring over the need for reasonable repairs to her rented living space in Gibsons, I am compelled to write this letter.

It’s really apparent that there is an urgent need to have responsible bylaws and/or legislation that better protects tenants on the Sunshine Coast.

The law should require landlords to make obviously needed repairs to their rental properties. The law should provide a mechanism to scrutinize those landlords who unfairly attempt to evict tenants for reasons that amount to a reno-viction.

Everyone should be protected under the law through an official and fair assessment made – especially when such repairs could be done easily without the tenant having to remove contents from their home.

As I see it, it appears that some renters in Gibsons are living at the mercy of slum landlords. Situations like this create an atmosphere no better than living in the Dark Ages for these renters.

Please do all that is in your power to correct this unfair situation.

Janet Sadel, East Vancouver

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