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Rescue chopper lands in Creek

Rescue chopper lands in Creek

P 2 B rc rescue pic 2A Labrador rescue helicopter landed on Roberts Creek beach, near Stephens Creek, Aug. 27 following a rescue. A man in his 60s and his niece were in a canoe that overturned; the woman swam to shore but the man was in distress. His niece ran down the beach and encountered a woman who lives on the beach, her daughter and a visiting couple. While the resident went out in a row boat, her daughter phoned 911 and the visitors put on life jackets and swam out. They were able to get a life jacket on the man and, with the row boat, “pulled and pushed” him to shore. That’s when the helicopter arrived – and landed, to make sure everyone was okay – followed by two search and rescue boats from different directions. The woman in the rowboat said she would definitely have needed help if it had not been for the couple visiting her – it turns out he is a former coast guard officer and she works as a water safety officer on film sets. The woman said she does not want attention for her actions, but does want people to think about how easily it could have ended in tragedy: neither of the people in the canoe had a life jacket.  Morgan Davies photo

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