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Sale raises money for medical bills

Three of people who helped raise money for Frank McElroy’s medical bills at a tailgate sale. From the left, Pamela Messner, Gail Bland and Arwen MacDonald. Heather Conn photo

A few Roberts Creek Legion members raised $2,500 at a tailgate sale April 8 held in the Legion parking lot as a fundraiser to help cover medical costs of Legion member Frank McElroy.

Event organizer Arwen MacDonald, artistic and administrative director of the Rogue Arts Festival, Diane Macintosh, former Creek Legion president, and Pamela Messner rallied McElroy’s friends and community members to sell personal and donated items with all profits going to him and his wife Heather Conn.

“I’m so moved by the generosity, kindness and care of our local community,” said Conn. “Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this event and helped make it happen.”

Legion bartender Gail Bland also solicited funds from Legion members and others April 6 at the Legion’s evening Brain Freeze trivia contest.

McElroy was diagnosed in early March with liver disease, cancer, and diabetes and received emergency and critical care at Sechelt Hospital for about a month. As a US citizen who had not yet completed his permanent residency application, he was charged US visitor medical rates, which amounted to about $3,600 a day plus doctors’ fees etc.

Community members have contributed almost $16,000 to Frank’s medical bills so far, thanks to a GoFundMe campaign. Anyone who is interested is invited to donate at  Submitted

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