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Save the salmon 1

Save the salmon 1

(Addressed to Premier John Horgan, and copied to the Local)

It came to my attention that the coming few days are critical to your decision for the transition of fish farms from our wild salmon migration routes to land based operations.

I urge that tenures that are currently ending only be renewed for a short period on condition that the operation be relocated onto a land base. I suggest allowing the industry one or two years to set up its land based pens and clean up its ocean sites to avoid major employment disruption.

While our MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones has been active on this matter, and advises that changes in federal regulations are in process, she seems unable to confirm any time line for these changes.

Recent reports from Alex Morton illustrate this urgency, and it would a serious error if tenures were allowed unconditional renewal. I look for a decision that will safeguard the future of wild salmon as a healthy food source, as well as a fishery for our coastal communities.

John Roper, Gibsons

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