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Say not to knotweed

Say not to knotweed

In the UK, the spread of Japanese knotweed has become a multi-billion pound problem. Property owners cannot sell or get insurance for infested lots.

Knotweed is not that big a problem here on the Sunshine Coast but it is a “growing” one. In fact, where there used to be a few stalks along the 101, there are now forests over-hanging the highway and bike lanes. I spotted a new stand of it by the sidewalk on Medusa and it wasn’t there a year ago. It could become a very expensive problem for us if we ignore it.

The Halfmoon Bay Citizens’ Association is holding a “Say No to Knotweed” workshop open to the whole community to raise the alarm about knotweed. On June 22 from 5 to 7 pm, Jennifer Grenz, knotweed guru for BC, will bring us up-to-date information on knotweed and the best-practices eradication methods. Folks will learn how to identify what Donna McMahon last year called a “vegetable terrorist” and environmentalists will hear the latest science-based information on the use of glyphosates to treat knotweed. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a subdivision of the World Health Organization, finds that glyphosates are non-carcinogenic in mammals. Treatment methods will be demonstrated.

The June 22 event takes place in the Sechelt Indian Band Hall (behind McDonald’s) and doors open at 4:30pm.



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