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Sechelt proclaims Meatless Monday

Sechelt proclaims Meatless Monday

The District of Sechelt has proclaimed June 12 as Meatless Monday on the Sunshine Coast.

There are three compelling reasons that Sechelt (and Vancouver, North Vancouver, Port Moody and New Westminster) chose to support Meatless Mondays in 2017.

The first is to improve our health. Sechelt’s proclamation states, “reducing our consumption of animal products and increasing our intake of fruits, vegetables, and legumes have been linked to a host of health benefits and may reduce the risk of chronic preventable conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers.”

The second reason for these proclamation is, “Factory farms contribute to air and water pollution as well as other environmental concerns.” Livestock produces more greenhouse gases than all cars, trucks and automobiles combined.

The third reason to “cut out the meat, one day a week “ is for the sake of animals. The proclamation notes, “Many people are seeking more humane, sustainable ways to eat than consuming meat from factory farms to help reduce cruelty to animals.”

Sunshine Coasters for Meatless Mondays is the name of the local volunteer group promoting the campaign, and the name of their Facebook page. The group will be challenging offices and schools to share vegetarian lunches on June 12 and restaurants, delis, even coffee shops and take-outs will be asked to provide specials at 25 per cent off.  Submitted

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