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Sechelt seeks Chapman Creek Trail right-of-way

Sechelt seeks Chapman Creek Trail right-of-way

Staff from the District of Sechelt will be meeting with property owners to try and negotiate a right-of-way agreement for a section of the popular Chapman Creek trail, which was re-routed after no trespassing signs went up this spring.

Built by volunteers in the early 1970’s, the trail begins at Brookman Park and is well used by the public. A portion of the trail crosses private property.

“It’s been there for about 45 years without much consequence,” said Park Supervisor Perry Schmitt during a report to the District of Sechelt Public Works, Public and Environment Committee on March 22. “The previous private property owner didn’t express any issues, so it was commonly used by the public.”

However, recently the property was subdivided into four lots which were sold to new owners. One new owner erected “No Trespass” signs, requiring District staff to reroute the trail.

“We’ve received a number of complaints from the public expressing that they would like to see this trail through the private property reinstated,” said Schmitt. “So we’re asking Council for direction to go and meet with the owners and possibly get a statutory right of way through the private property.”

The original route, which Schmitt described as “one of the nicest sections of the trail”, runs along the creek at the bottom of a steep slope. It is well below any buildable sections of the property, so Schmitt did not foresee any privacy issues.

The Public Works Committee voted in favour of his recommendation.

Sechelt’s Parks Master Plan envisions a trail running all the way from Brookman Park to Chapman Falls, but there are other private property issues on the route that need to be settled before the District can create an official trail.  Donna McMahon

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