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See the sky at night

See the sky at night

After a two-year absence, the Sunshine Coast astronomy club is bringing the popular Astronomy in the Park program back to Porpoise Bay Provincial Park in Sechelt on Sat. Aug. 11, 1-11:30pm. There will be club telescopes and displays. Weather permitting.

The first “star” of the day will be the sun and, with the club’s safe solar telescopes, participants will be able to look for fiery prominences and sun-spots.

Bill Burnyeat, formerly of the MacMillan Planetarium, will be doing a presentation at dusk. Afterwards our astronomers will have their telescopes in the park picnic area for viewing Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, while overhead the Perseid meteor shower takes place.

Remember to bring a flashlight with a red light to preserve night vision.

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