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Seniors pressure SCRD on long-term care

Seniors pressure SCRD on long-term care

At their regular board meeting on Nov. 10, Sunshine Coast Regional District directors unanimously re-elected Halfmoon Bay Director Garry Nohr as Chair of the SCRD board. Nohr, who has been chair since 2010, outlined his priorities for the coming year, including “to assist seniors in their drive for a proper residence and proper hospital support on the Coast.”

This received a round of applause from the standing-room-only crowd in attendance to support a request by the Friends of Residential Care that the SCRD sponsor public consultations about residential care.

“What we learned is there is no role for public engagement when the health authority makes a decision like this,” said spokesperson Sue Jackel. “There is no legal obligation to consult.”

Nohr expressed sympathy over the lack of consultation in the recent decision to close two existing care facilities and replace them with a privately-run facility, and said that SCRD directors have expressed their concerns directly to the Minister of Health. But he declined to host the meetings.

“I don’t want to put my name to being the leader of the protest against Vancouver Coastal Health which we’re trying to work positively with to get some changes made,” said Nohr.

“Where we can help is we can talk to Vancouver Coastal Health and see if they would have a community meeting,” he said. “Consultation needs to be done.

“Please give us a chance to discuss it among the board and we will get back to you,” said Nohr.

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