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Special O report: ‘Out like a lion’

Special O report: ‘Out like a lion’

The fall/winter season went out with a splash as the Orca and Chinook swimmers fun meet showcased incredible talent.

A final game for the Gibsons basketball team saw them matched with the Gibsons firefighters and set up and primed them for a rematch next season.

On March 13 at Chatelech Secondary, our local RCMP also joined in for the final floor hockey match of the season with the Sunshine Coast Bears.

Head coach Mike Gojevic reported that it was a great game, with the RCMP members being very active participants. A vocal crowd cheered on the SOBC team, who showed great improvement over the past year. “Thanks to Cst. Shepherd and the entire Sunshine Coast detachment”.

The Special Olympics floor hockey team, the Sunshine Coast Bears, pose with RCMP officers following the final game of the season on March 13 at Chatelech Secondary. Pat Stuart photo

These events illustrate the aspect of inclusion that is Special Olympics.

The final curling game in Gibsons meant that it was Funny Hat Day with light-up shamrock sunglasses provided by Sandi Cavalier to acknowledge St. Patrick’s Day. That means the spring/summer season is with us once again.

By the time you read this, golf, bocce, track & field, softball and soccer will be underway. This season is especially important because the National Games in Nova Scotia are near. Training continues for Amanda Boghean and Chris Walker with the Vancouver Go Go’s. Swimmers Genny Verge and Stephanie Rogers will travel to Kelowna this month for a pre-nationals meet.

Jacques Thibault, a sports consultant for Special Olympics, is travelling around the province to consult with coaches and trainers to discover how SOBC can help them work more effectively with their athletes. Before joining SOBC he worked for “Own the Podium” with Olympic athletes.

While visiting our regular fitness program in March, with instructor Tania Finnigan, Jacques talked to some of the athletes and heard stories of their accomplishments. Jacques said that training for athletes on practice days and on their own time is essential. He believes that mixing hard work and training means Special O athletes can compete with the best of the best.

It was inspiring to have such a keen eye observing.

The April Fool’s Run takes place on April 8, with track athletes, Bruce Stuart, Genny Verge, Amber Maher and Micheal Oswald taking part in the relay run. Thanks to coach Tania Finnigan for the weekly training.

We also look forward to hearing from Michael Brooks and Derick Pye who will attend a leadership conference this month and take part in training for peer mentoring. They will be accompanied by coach Mike Gojevic.

Well that’s all for now, stay strong and stay active.

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