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Sunshine Coast Foundation seeks  next generation of donors

Sunshine Coast Foundation seeks next generation of donors

Philanthropy for the 3rd Millennium is a program of the Sunshine Coast Foundation that engages with a group of younger (~25-50) workers and community leaders. Its goal is to help them understand the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the Sunshine Coast, the role of philanthropy and the Sunshine Coast Foundation, and how they can make a positive difference where they live.
“More younger people with families are choosing to live and work on the Sunshine Coast,” said Foundation Board Chair Manjit Kang. “They have a vested interest in helping to shape the future of our community, and this program gives them a great opportunity to do that.”
The program will take place through a series of Zoom events (or in-person meetings when permitted). During those gatherings, participants will be introduced to the real issues, challenges, and opportunities facing our community as identified through surveys, reports, and statistical information. Participants will hear from leaders of non-profit organizations whose programs are helping those in need and making our community such a wonderful place to live. They will engage in discussions about grant-making and investing as well as influence the issues and organizations that the foundation supports.
Participants will learn how, with a very minimal investment, they can become philanthropists, making a real difference and helping to create a future where everyone in our community is nurtured and supported. They will help to influence not only where the foundation distributes its funding but also where it is invested. They will make long-lasting connections with neighbours and peers who are on the same journey to make a difference. Participants will emerge from this experience wiser about where they live and confident in the knowledge that they are a force for good outcomes. There is no cost to participate.
The Sunshine Coast Foundation is now accepting applicants for this program, which will launch on April 15. For more information, contact the foundation at 604-741-7360, email, or visit
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