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Survey in a bag

Survey in a bag

If you’re a resident of Area F (West Howe Sound) and have seen three zipper-lock bags hanging from your community bulletin board, please open the most prominent one. Inside you will find a survey.

The West Howe Sound Community Association is circulating the survey in order to identify topics of interest to the community. Those that get the most votes will be discussed in the WHSCA’s general meetings this year. All area residents will be invited to the meetings, along with guest speakers who are experts on the topics.

The quick survey contains nine suggested topics, such as ferry scheduling and costs, and making West Howe Sound a UNESCO biosphere. There’s also a space where you can write in an optional topic.

Oh, and the other two baggies? One is the receptacle for filled-out surveys. The other holds little slips of paper with a web address for people who choose to take the survey online. You can find it at

The West Howe Sound Community Association meets several times a year to discuss Area F concerns. It maintains eight community bulletin boards, as well as a website at   Submitted

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