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Take care for 2018, and always

Take care for 2018, and always

If I could recommend one New Year’s resolution for 2018 it would be to practice self-care.  Our natural state is well-being, everyone can achieve it and maintain it.  When we practice self-care and make it a priority, everything falls into place for what we need to thrive physically and emotionally in our lives.  If we do not practice self-care it is difficult to maintain well-being for ourselves, be happy and live to our fullest potential, then ultimately we are a burden to ourselves and others, and dis-ease can manifest.

Self-care in essence is a form of preventative medicine, but unfortunately our dominant medical model is focused more on disease control rather than well-being and self-care.  We can empower ourselves, however, by practicing self-care and maintaining well-being every day, by creating habits and rituals in our day that support our health both physically and emotionally. Health is about maintaining balance both internally and externally and it is also individual. The more we are in tune with ourselves individually the more we will know what we need for self-care and can be our own experts for maintaining well-being.

However, when we embark on making changes for better health it is not always easy.  Sometimes there are some strong underlying emotional conditions influencing our current situation that cannot be undone overnight.  If this is the case, seeking professional help to support you in a healthy direction can be worthwhile.  Self-care is a holistic approach to living and maintaining health.  Homeopathy is one of the few modalities that truly looks at health and dis-ease from a holistic perspective; for lasting changes it often necessary to take this approach.  Homeopathy can treat deep mental emotional conditions naturally with effective lasting change.  The homeopathic approach looks at all the symptoms of an individual and the remedies given stimulate balance on all levels.  What often happens when a person is using homeopathic treatment is their underlying emotional condition is healed and they begin to make healthier choices, whether it is choosing to exercise, leave an unhealthy relationship or work environment, eat healthier and even sleep better.

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