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The ‘arrogance of council’

The ‘arrogance of council’

(Sent to Gibsons council and copied to the Local)

I am appalled to learn that the information meeting regarding the George Hotel project will feature information from the proponent only. Not only will those who question this development not be allowed to provide information at the meeting (“too political” according to that genius town planner, Andre Boel, as if the proponent is neutral and unbiased!) but that councilors will not be in attendance due to a clash with the meeting of the Union of B.C. Municipalities.

When asked why the information meeting was scheduled in conflict with this meeting, I hear that one of your councilors (must be another genius) replied that it would be too awkward to have to answer questions on behalf of the developer!!?  Does council work for the developer, or what?  Why would council have to answer questions on behalf of the developer?

What we, the public, want, is unbiased experts to answer questions that council and staff cannot, but this is not to be allowed.  The developer gets to run the show.

I can hardly believe the arrogance of council in so blatantly showing their bias.  This is utter disregard for democratic process.

Anne Miles, 


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  1. You have completely and utterly missed the entire point of that councilors statement to you. When they said that it would be awkward to answer on behalf of the developer what they meant was that it was not their job and would in fact be highly inappropriate for them to answer your questions about the project.

    Your representative on council and yourself should have access to the SAME information. If your getting your information FROM council that would be wrong. Why is it that people have such a hard time understanding this simple principal?

    Here is how it goes in simple language. The proponent makes an application to the town. It is their job to clearly communicate what they are proposing and to pay for any independent expert reports that need to be prepared. This has been done through reports filed with the town and available on the website and through public information nights.

    Then once the developer has clearly communicated their proposal to both the people directly, and the peoples representatives on council, the people get a chance to tell council what they think of the proposal. That happens at the “Public Hearing”. Then the council being fully informed by the developer about the project, and being fully informed by the public about their opinions, have to make the best decision possible while respecting the rights of the proponent and the electorate.

    Your misunderstanding of the process and your disregard for the character of your representatives with your snide remarks, only flaunts your own ignorance and bad manners.

    It goes along with all the other misunderstandings from the anti-George groups. The arrogance that only YOU have the correct vision for your town. That anyone that disagrees is either being manipulated by an evil industrialist or victims of their own greed. The idea that reasonable people might just think that a good sized hotel in Lower Gibsons is a good for the town never seems to enter your mind. If your looking for arrogance and hubris, just look in the mirror. Your not the only pebble on the beach, just accept the fact that other people have valid and healthy visions for their town that just might disagree with yours.

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