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The common good

The common good

(re “Plaza needed”, letters, the Local, Aug. 17”)

I agree with Ken Dibnah’s letter in which he suggests a town plaza for Sechelt.  Town squares have been a part of western society going back to ancient Greece in 500 BC. Properly planned, modern day public spaces serve the common good, providing a community locale for markets, entertainment, culture, art, dialogue, gardens, monuments, and civic engagement.  Why shouldn’t Sechelt have one?

Ken, it seems unfortunate that there was not a flood of printed follow-up letters supporting your idea. But, despair not. After all, many of your Coast neighbours, old and new, are busy working on other, grander, plans to create a better community. For example, there is the two-billion-dollar bridge from the mainland that will bring you so many wonderful new neighbours, and make us all closer to somewhere else. And ongoing proposals for ever more high-rise waterfront developments.  Let’s not forget about all the neighbourhood-forming Airbnb activity. And the regular community plan bonfires. Or the newcomers who are pushing for more local big box stores to bring prices down to match Chemainus.

Just imagine, if the plaza already existed, people could have gathered there to intelligently debate the merits of their ideas.

Alan Donenfeld, 


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