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The elk are fine

The elk are fine

(Re “ELF worried about elk”, the Local, Nov. 2.)

Biologist Wayne McCrory and ELF (Elphinstone Logging Focus) spokesmen Ross Muirhead and Hans Penner can rest assured that the southern Sunshine Coast elk population are not going to be depleted or remotely threatened by the Sunshine Coast Community Forest & BCTS proposed cutbacks in both Wilson Creek and Halfmoon Bay.  Quite the contrary, elk (Cervus elaphus) thrive in these harvested cut-blocks and the logging of the proposed areas like that of EW28 actually replaces nature’s way of burning off the timber to create favourable foraging areas for ungulates like deer and elk. The boundaries of these cutbacks provide more than ample shelter during the winter months.

I totally support the sanctioned harvesting of our forested areas as it generates a healthier forest environment, not to mention the employment of our forestry workers and the $1.5 million in special dividends to the District of Sechelt and the $600,000 in grants to community organizations. We are fortunate to have the expertise of Dave Lasser, community forest manager and President Glen Bonderud.

Doug Hockley, Sechelt

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