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Thefts in Halfmoon Bay

Thefts in Halfmoon Bay

Property owners in the Halfmoon Bay area are being asked to safeguard their property following a recent spike in property thefts. Over the past week, a wide range of items including bicycles, laptops and jewelry have been stolen in the area between Southwood Road and Northwood Road in Halfmoon Bay. In some cases, items such as bicycles have been taken out of backyards, while in other cases, unlocked vehicles or sheds have been rummaged through. There has been one successful break and enter to a residence, as well as other unsuccessful break-ins. Sunshine Coast RCMP recommend the following:

• Secure items left outside, such as bicycles and power tools

• Lock vehicles, sheds, garages and residences

• Keep exterior lights on at night

• Immediately report any suspicious activity to police

Sunshine Coast RCMP will be increasing patrols in the area during day and night-time hours, and encourage the public to come forward with any information, as even a seemingly insignificant observation can help lead to criminal charges.  Residents in the area are also being asked to spread their word to their neighbours.

Submitted by RCMP

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