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Therapy regulation to be subject of Gibsons meeting

Therapy regulation to be subject of Gibsons meeting

A town hall meeting will be held at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery on Jan. 12, 7-9pm. The topic of the meeting will be, “Bringing regulation to counselling therapies in BC: protecting the public from harm”.

Presenters will include Dr. Susan Penfold, Dr. Glen Grigg, Bernadine Fox, and Janice Williams.

Topics will include: what therapy is and is not; warning signs of inappropriate and unethical therapy; how the current total lack of regulation in BC puts the public at risk of harm; how registered therapists can simply resign from associations and avoid accountability; the traumatic impact of unethical therapy; and how FACT BC (The Federation of Associations for Counselling Therapists in BC) is pursuing regulation and the development of the BC College of Counselling Therapists to ensure competence, accountability, and accessibility.

Light refreshments will be served, followed by a Q&A session, with the public, mental health practitioners, and local politicians being invited to give their input.

For more information contact Janice Williams at 604-885-8041 or at  Submitted

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