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Tighter Water Regulations

When it comes to the Sunshine Coast, one of the biggest challenges facing our communities is water. In the past few years, the Sunshine Coast has gone without rain for over three months on two separate occasions. This has put considerable strain on our water systems and has resulted, as you, the residents of the Sunshine Coast know, in water restrictions.
As we continue to battle climate change, tighter water conservation regulations have been and will be required to ensure we still have water running from our taps in late summer and early fall.
The Sunshine Coast is not alone in its water challenges. Regions across the province are addressing similar issues, working on safe drinking water and overall watershed management and governance.
There is no doubt that we live in an incredible area. But while we are enjoying everything this coast has to offer, we can’t forget about our drinking water!
What is the SCRD doing to confront this challenge? Well, the SCRD is continuing to move forward with an integrated approach to ensure we have a sustainable drinking water supply through
initiatives like:
• Expanding supply sources with the development of wells at Church Road, Langdale, and Maryanne West Park and surface water at Gray Creek. Funding for the next phases of these projects is being brought forward through this year’s
• Offering rebates to water users installing rainwater harvesting systems to support the transition to non-potable water for outdoor use.
• Reviewing the Water Rates and Regulations Bylaw to reduce the impacts on water demand from new developments, promote conservation, and increase the integrity of the water cycle.
• Carrying out the metering program, a vital component of the integrated approach to ensuring a reliable supply. Water meters have been installed on all properties serviced by the SCRD, with the exception of most properties in the District of Sechelt and shíshálh Nation.
• Addressing storage by continuing detailed feasibility of building a reservoir. A preferred site has been identified after a feasibility study of the entire Chapman
• This year’s budget will see funding allocated to dam safety. The four dams operated by the SCRD are well overdue for upgrades and must be brought into compliance for safety and operational purposes.
• Maintaining existing and constructing new water mains to improve fire flows, water quality and overall system reliability.
Citizens of the Sunshine Coast have already responded proactively to the changing water supply situation. You have become much more water aware and invested heavily in fixing leaks, saving and using rainwater and grey water, using less water for flushing toilets, showering, and gardening, and finding other innovative ways to conserve our most precious resource.
By working together, we continue to build a more resilient, caring and stronger community.

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