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Total negativity

Total negativity

I attended a meeting of the District of Sechelt Council on March 7 because I was interested in hearing the discussion on the application by Sechelt Sustainable Community (SSC) for a zoning amendment for the proposed project on the former “Silverback site”.

As I understand it, this amendment involves a change from approved zoning which allowed for the development of a golf course and 1,600 homes in the Tuwanek area, to a multifaceted development including mixed housing, recreation, agriculture, retail, seniors’ housing, an international school, etc. to be developed over a 25-year period.

I was appalled to hear the report by planning staff. Total negativity. The power point presentation had four full pages of Issues and Problems, ie., reasons why Council should not approve the zoning amendment.

Over many years in my career I have appeared frequently and have given testimony before councils in BC, and the states of Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. I have rarely, if ever, seen a staff presentation so loaded with negativity. The staff laid out all the reasons why Council should not approve.

It would have been nice to hear a discussion along the lines of this: Here is an interesting project. It has plusses and minuses, as all projects do. Let’s see how we can work together, including full community input, over the coming years to make this successful for the investors and great for Sechelt. I heard only one member of the Council, Councillor Siegers, showing any openness to such an approach.

John Hansen, P.Eng.,

Halfmoon Bay

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