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Trellis opponents fight on

Trellis opponents fight on

Protect Public Health Care – Sunshine Coast (PPHC) condemns the proposal by Trellis Seniors Services to build a private, for-profit facility on SIB land in Wilson Creek. If allowed to proceed, the project will have serious consequences for patients and their families, Totem Lodge and Shorncliffe workers and the larger community.

While in opposition, Adrian Dix and his party criticized the Liberal government for ignoring the wishes of our community and denying us the right to stable public care. Since taking office, however, the NDP have pursued a course almost indistinguishable from their predecessors. Community engagement remains non-existent and Dix has signalled his support for a project that offers no improvements to the proposal that our citizens rejected almost 18 months ago.

Dix’s promise of secure, well-paying jobs is a sham. Totem Lodge and Shorncliffe workers will be laid off with no guarantee of being rehired by Trellis. Those kept on will lose seniority rights and pension. The claim that the workforce at the new facility will retain current wages and benefits is also meaningless if Trellis is allowed to flip the service and care contracts as the company has done at other facilities.

Dix ignores the implications of privatization for volunteer services. As registered charities, the Sunshine Coast Health Care Auxiliary and the Sunshine Coast Hospice Society are legally prohibited from fundraising or volunteering on behalf of for-profit businesses. The loss of the services these agencies provide would seriously affect the quality of care and leave many families on the hook for thousands of dollars of unfunded equipment and procedures.

We call on Minister Dix to repudiate the proposed development and order Vancouver Coastal Health to begin a long overdue process of stakeholder engagement. We deserve health care based on community need, not the potential to generate profit.

Submitted by PPHC

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