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Unsafe highway

Unsafe highway

Our blue Malibu was destroyed on Jan. 11 when it was rear-ended in a lineup of stopped traffic on the way into Wilson Creek. The collision confirmed my growing concern over the danger of increasing traffic on our only road between communities here on the Sunshine Coast.

The tree trimming company that blocked the road with two over-sized trucks had placed two isolated orange warning signs more than a kilometre apart, at Pell Road and at the bottom of Rat Portage Hill, both more than a kilometre ahead of where they were working. Several people I have spoken to commented on the fact that the distance between the signs and the actual work site had caused them to question whether there was any work going on at all. The signs were obviously not enough to slow down the driver of the pickup truck that slammed into the back of my car.

If a flagger had been placed on the east side of the hill near Tyson Road, where the stopped traffic was parked just below the rise in an 80-kilometre zone, the most vulnerable cars (like mine) might have been spared many long-term and far-reaching consequences.

Unfortunately, even after the incident, the only two flaggers who were positioned close to the trucks made no move to help with the additional traffic congestion at the accident site.

While it was my personal and financial security that was jeopardized on that day, the overall safety and security of drivers on the Coast needs to be taken more seriously as the number of cars on our one through-road increases, along with the challenges of maneuvering through one roadside work site after another.

Ironically, where I was stopped on the highway was just minutes away from where I was going to my annual eye exam, a habit I recommend to all drivers.

Robert Wotton, 

Roberts Creek

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