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Water restrictions go to Stage 3 Friday

Water restrictions go to Stage 3 Friday

Our drinking water supply is at risk due to prolonged hot and dry weather this summer. Effective Friday, September 1, and until further notice, the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) has declared Stage 3 outdoor water use restrictions for SCRD water users south of Pender Harbour.

Water use restrictions help ensure that demand does not exceed the capacity of our water supply and distribution system. Restrictions also ensure there is enough water for fire protection and to maintain flows in creeks for fish and fish habitat.

Stage 3 Water Use Restrictions put a ban on sprinkling and other outdoor water uses.

Do not:

  • Use sprinklers or soaker hoses to water lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers or vegetables, including newly seeded or sodded lawns.
  • Use water to wash sidewalks, driveways, vehicles, boats or equipment.
  • Fill residential swimming pools, hot tubs, wading pools, garden ponds, or decorative fountains.

Please do:

  • Use handheld containers or handheld hoses equipped with a spray-trigger nozzle for watering trees, shrubs, flowers or vegetables.
  • Conserve water with every opportunity inside and outside your home.
  • Use micro-irrigation or drip-irrigation systems that consume less than 20 gallons per hour and operate at 25 psi or less.

Water conservation education and enforcement have increased. Avoid fines and protect your drinking water supply by following the outdoor water use restrictions.

For more information about current restrictions or reporting an infraction, please visit this water restrictions information page on the SCRD website or call 604-885-6806.


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