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Water withheld

Water withheld

The Town of Gibsons has all the pristine water it needs from its aquifer and it is the “best drinking water in the world”. They have such a great supply they only went to level 2 restrictions last year. They have also been proactive and six years ago built a 2,600,000-litre reservoir at Gibsons highest point in the northwest boundary of Zone 3 in the new Parkland Subdivision.

It is all great in Gibsons unless you are one of the 1,150 second class upper Gibsons citizens that live in Zone 3. We pay the same water rate but aren’t supplied with pristine aquifer water from this new Upper Gibsons Parkland Reservoir, and had to go to level 4 restrictions last year.

What is a further insult is I am looking out my kitchen window in Parkland and can literally throw a stone and hit the water reservoir, which currently only serves the Upper Slope Zone 2 homes.

Why this is so is anybody’s guess, but I did hear some mention at council meetings about the high costs to pump the water from the wells in lower Gibsons to the Parkland Reservoir and that they could save money if they use the SCRD water for upper Gibsons.

That’s 162 million, 863 thousand litres of SCRD water annually so they can save a few dollars.

This is all off the Town of Gibsons website.

David Hayward, 


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