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Why is the SCRD backtracking?

Why is the SCRD backtracking?

We are dismayed by the Nov.12 decision by the SCRD area directors to seek further “consultation” and feedback on the replacement of Coopers Green Hall.
The Coopers Green Park Management Plan and the community-based task force led by the SCRD staff have already decided “what the hall will be” and “where it should be built.” The SCRD staff pegged the cost of the replacement at $2.9 million, including some additional related items. The Halfmoon Bay Community Association pledged to raise $300,000 for the project.
On July 3, our MLA, Nicholas Simons, announced a $2 million joint federal-provincial infrastructure grant for the project. Since then, the Halfmoon Bay Community Association has raised the $300,000 it pledged, an indication of the community support of the project.
Why is the SCRD now backtracking on a decision already made? Why is it duplicating work already done? Any further delay can only result in higher costs and jeopardize the funds that have already been committed.
This project should proceed now.
Ron Roberts and Jane Tollestrup, Halfmoon Bay

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