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200 resolutions received

From Sept. 22 to 24, the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) virtual convention will be underway in Victoria. For the past 100 years, the annual convention has provided a forum and common voice for local governments in British Columbia to come together as one voice to develop position statements and advocate for action on provincially significant local issues with senior levels of government.
Hundreds of BC regional district and municipal representatives, including the SCRD Board of Directors, will gather virtually at the annual convention, where they will recommend resolutions to the provincial government. This year, 200 resolutions were received by the June 30 deadline.
At last year’s convention, a record total of 276 resolutions were submitted by various local governments which ranged from local government autonomy to climate change to speed limits, many of which received support from delegates.
Once the resolutions are endorsed, it is up to the province to respond and decide whether to implement the recommendations.
The convention is a key event for SCRD Directors to reinforce what is crucial in our community. This year, the SCRD sponsored nine resolutions to be considered for endorsement:
• Business Licensing Authority for Regional Districts: to utilize business licensing as a tool to support compliance with local bylaws such as the regulation of cannabis and short-term rentals.
• Marine Debris: to resource and develop a provincial program to assist with marine debris shoreline clean-up efforts.
• Medical Cannabis Safety Concerns: to expand the legislative framework that provides options for local authorities to oversee building and fire safety requirements for cannabis production facilities.
• Stormwater Management: to increase collaboration between the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, regional districts, and municipalities to develop and implement management strategies.
• Secondary Rural Road Maintenance: to review service level standards and increase funding for the upkeep of secondary roads in rural communities.
• Abandoned Vehicles: to provide additional funding resources to support removal and disposal of abandoned vehicles from rural roads.
• Police Based Victim Services: to adequately fund on an ongoing basis to support and sustain the need for victim services in communities throughout BC.
• ICI Packaging and Paper Products Recycling Regulation: to expand BC’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs to include product categories for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional packaging and paper products
• Cumulative Effects of Land Use Decisions: to ensure integrated multi-disciplinary land use planning or cumulative effects analysis before authorizing applications for land use.

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