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$25K awarded to Gibsons animator

$25K awarded to Gibsons animator

Gibsons animation artist Choom Lam was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Canada Council for the Arts for the development of an independent animated film this summer at her home studio in Gibsons. The Explore and Create grant is in support of Canadian artists investigating creative processes and taking risks that lead to the development of unique works of art.

As a young artist growing up in Singapore, Choom gravitated towards animation as an ideal medium capable of conveying insights which are deceptively simple yet profound. Her studies as a young woman led first to Australia and then Canada, where she graduated from the Vancouver Film School (VFS). She went on to work as a professional animator at some of Vancouver’s largest commercial studios, as well as an instructor at VFS and School Creative Institute of the Arts, while continuing to work evenings and weekends on the development of her own art.

In 2014, Choom created her own home animation studio in Gibsons, where she currently resides and works collaboratively with her husband and technology consultant, Oliver Sterczyk.

For the project this summer, Choom and Oliver will be combining their skills in animation and technology to explore innovative new ways to use animation tools in the planning and development of a new film.

“As an animation artist, I am interested in trying to understand and articulate the universality of struggles we face every day in our efforts to discover our identity and existential meaning,” explains Choom. “In my films, geographical regions are ambiguous; sound, rather than spoken dialogue plays a significant expressive role. My characters strive to transcend racial, cultural and time barriers to depict the struggle for truth and authenticity that is both timeless and universal.”


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