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Museum getting upgrades

As you may know, our wonderful museum is closed for the time being. This COVID-19 has affected our daily operations. I really miss seeing everyone from around the world and all the wonderful locals from Langdale to Earls Cove. We have been closed since March 16, 2020. Our busiest time of year is spring and summer. For this closure, we are working from home and the museum office. Some exciting times ahead for when we do open again. I was working on a special exhibit, and once we are up and running, I will continue working on it. It is going to be a sports and athletics exhibit. As you know, our shíshálh men and women were and are exceptional athletes and very strong. We will have some archival photos on display and up to the new sports and athletics of today.
We are also working on a new database for all our artifacts and items in storage. We have purchased the Past Perfect program, which is used by the other two museums on the Sunshine Coast. Once it’s fully installed, we will be inputting data and uploading. Fun!
The artifact storage room is getting an upgrade, adding more shelving. Yaaay!! Great times ahead and cannot wait to be fully organized.
We are currently working on a listening library for shíshálh, only for the time being – awesome working on this project. I get to listen and do summaries for reel to reels dating back to the early 1960s, very interesting. It makes me nostalgic, thinking of how my mother and father lived up in our swiya with no electricity, no hydro or plumbing. They lived off the land and had the best of everything Mother Earth had to offer.

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