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In protest

In protest

Laurie Bloom of Elphinstone Logging Focus is arrested on Feb. 6 for symbolically blocking loggers on their way to cut trees in the Clack Creek forest on Mount Elphinstone. It was a final gesture of protest in a losing campaign to save the forest, which is now being cut by crews from Black Mount Logging, of Squamish.  The arrest came at the end of a respectful, even friendly, process that took more than an hour, with police patiently listening to everyone who wished to speak and explaining what would happen. When the time came to move, about 30 protesters stepped aside while Bloom sat down in the middle of the forest service road. Bloom said she was in a better position to be arrested than many others, and that she was compelled to draw attention to the loss of a forest that could have connected two small sections of the Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park. Bloom was charged with violating the injunction obtained by the logging company, and with blocking a public highway. Once she was taken away in a police car, two pickup trucks with fallers drove through. See also  John Gibbs photo

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