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Plans to Eradicate Asian Hornet

Plans to Eradicate Asian Hornet

The Asian giant hornet, an invasive pest that threatens pollinators and ignores international borders, is the focus of an international effort to eradicate it in the Pacific Northwest. That is why in the coming year, BC, the State of Washington and US federal agencies are collaborating on plans to track, trap and eradicate any Asian giant hornets that are found. In BC, the 2021 Asian giant hornet surveillance program will include traps in areas where there were previous findings, as well as continued outreach and networking with BC beekeepers, local governments and partner agencies. Reports from the public have been crucial for locating Asian giant hornets. Last year, all of the confirmed reports in BC were from members of the public. Anyone who thinks they may have seen an Asian giant hornet can report their findings to the Invasive Species Council of BC at 1-888-933-3722 or online at Washington State Department of Agriculture photos

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